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Charlottesville, VA 22901

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Aim to misbehave

NOTE: We have some 22lr in, HV Armscor HP--$5.75/box or $56/brick plus tax

Rock Island 1911, both 5" and 3.5"--$449 plus tax

True Lee-Enfield Jungle Carbine, G+ condition--$500 plus tax

Used Star 30M 9mm, good cond.--$319 plus tax

Used CZ Model 50 32 auto, VG+ condition--$260 plus tax

1895 Colt 38 (Colt 38) in G+ condition, some pits in bore, good riflinig--$700 plus tax

New Beretta PX4 Compact--$495 plus tax

New Mossberg 410 pump, really nice wood stock--$345 plus tax

New (sort of) Century Arms C308 (copy of HK 91)--$699 plus tax

New Taurus 850 ultra-lite 38 spl--$389 plus tax

ATI Zastava AK-47, milled receiver--$775 plus tax

New WASR AK-47, 2 Mags, nice stock--$645 plus tax

Used Beretta Pico, factory checked, 2 mags--$335 plus tax

New Yugo AK with milled receiver, 2 mags--$695 plus tax

New Marlin Model 60 rifle, 22lr--$209 plus tax

New Maverick 88 20 ga--$225

New Chiappa M1-22--$265 plus tax

Used Sig Sauer P290, excellent condition, w/laser--$419 plus tax

New Kahr CM 9--$379 plus tax

New Kel-Tec 32--$259 plus tax

Used, LNIB Springfield XDm 9mm with all the trimming in the box. Asking $495 plus tax

SALE New GSG 1911 22lr, threaded barrel, 5 lb trigger--was $295 plus tax, now $279

New Glock 42 (380)--$410 plus tax

Lots of SKSs (used): these are Chinese military weapons; rough stocks, but many with all matching serials.
Dates run from 1956 to 1959, with a couple of ghost rifles in the bunch--$349 plus tax

Used K31 7.5X55 Swiss, good condition--$359 plus tax

New Hi Point 40--$189 plus tax